HAPI is striving to bring peace, hope and possibilities in a very holistic way to the community of Mizak. As we invest in the lives of children and those with severe challenges, we can share even more of God’s love.

kids cutPeace Pals provides a safe and nurturing environment for 200 children along with leadership development skills for ten local leaders. They meet every Saturday at the Shalom Zone Peace Park.

Other groups –
‘Nouvel Etwal’ (New Stars) girls’ empowerment dance troupe.
‘Future Farmers’ learn garden care


“HAPI has created opportunity…. Opportunity to learn. Opportunity to gain a skill. Opportunity to support themselves and the ones they love.” ~Pastor Melany Chalker



Dieuson L. testified that the training “saved the school year” for him. He had been very sick and was forced to drop out of school. He was so grateful for the opportunity to be a certified electrician assistant! ~ Rev. Franck Aguilh, trainer

Electrician assistant graduation day with proud mom!

HAPI will be offering more certified electrician classes, partnering with a 4-yr nursing school, continued artisan training, product development classes, new building technologies, college prep, and more. We are all continual learners!

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