HAPI is about sustainable change and empowerment. We began with a community of fair trade artisans using their creativity to make a variety of products for the international gift market. Since our inception in 2007, the artisans are now branching out into their own businesses under the HAPI umbrella.

artisanbizHAPI Artisans are given access to capital, training, telecommunications, and marketplace opportunities to build and create small businesses.

“It is an amazing thing they do here at HAPI by teaching sustainability. Nothing is a handout here. People don’t beg or ask for money.”  ~Pastor Melany Chalker

The Artisans are always looking for groups to purchase ‘card bundles’ of 50, 75 or 100 cards to sell at your location or use as your fundraising product. Other products and special orders also available.

Haitian woman with coffee beansHAPI Kredi is a microlending initiative to stimulate entrepreneurial, economic activity. The earthquake destroyed many small businesses, especially of market women. They had no means to restart. HAPI Kredi has been a very beneficial part of the solution.

Suggested contribution: $100

HAPIKredi has a waiting list of clients.

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