ABCD – is Asset Based Community Development. A way of working together, recognizing everyone has assets to offer for the betterment of the community. In a culture where almost half of the people are illiterate and most never finish secondary school, people in Mizak thirst for opportunities to learn. In addition to the economic opportunities afforded by HAPI, artisans and community members look to HAPI to help with new ideas to improve their situation. This enthusiasm resulted in many great programs to reach out to more with hope.

peacex SHALOM ZONEHAPI Communities of Shalom is developing goals for the reduction of violence against women. Members assisted in establishing a children’s garden in the park. ‘Shalom Zone’ is home to Peace Pals, the congregation, Shalom Singers, a nursing class & many community gatherings!
shalom singers web  SHALOM SINGERSShalom Singers lift their voices for the Heavens to rain down the healing and wholeness of God’s ‘Shalom’ for Haiti.

CD’s available via CDbaby.com or via email to valeriemcelestin@gmail.com

emerging_church_group FAITH IN ACTION Methodists of MizakThis community church emerged from HAPI and has been accepted into the the Methodist Church of Haiti. Coming together as a congregation united in God’s Spirit has brought even more benefit to the individuals and community.

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