Birthing Kits

  1. 1 small bar soap, 1 – 2 oz – do not remove from original packaging
  2. 1 nail brush
  3. 1 pair latex, surgical or thin rubber gloves, size small
  4. 1 square yard of clear plastic sheeting, 4 Mil thick
  5. 2 umbilical clamps or 2 zip ties
  6. 2 single edge razor blade – must be covered in paper or cardboard for protection – regular shaving razors are not acceptable
  7. 2 4X4″ sterile gauze pads in the wrapper
  8. Small tube or tub of petroleum jelly
  9. 1-Nasal aspirator, 2.5 ounces
  10. 1 hand-towel or small towel (cleaning infant)
Instructions: Place in a large zip lock bag, shrink wrap, or, a small plastic container with tight-fitting lid. (The plastic tote is preferred, but can be more difficult for teams to carry.)