Fees and Details

SUBJECT TO CHANGE – Fees in Haiti are not ‘fixed’ or published as we are accustomed to. If conditions vary, rates can change quickly. We do work with established individuals who have agreed to these rates under current conditions.

Peace Inn

$40 per person, per night. Paul and Aimable Prevost are the hosts. Includes substantial breakfast and dinner. Lunch is ‘on-your-own.’ Laundry may be requested within that rate. Do not wait until the end of your trip as clothing is air-dried and may still be damp.

Room / board is non-refundable in the last week prior to arrival. You may re-book. We wire transfer funds, convert to gourdes, purchase dry goods, fill up the water cistern and purchase drinking water. This is not the same situation as a US hotel. We appreciate your understanding.

Airport transportation to or from HAPI

$200 one-way. Vans are 15-passenger with some luggage space on top. General rule-of-thumb are 8-10 team members per van, max, depending on luggage.

We strongly recommended an arrival time 2:00 p.m. or earlier. Customs and loading van will take about 1 hour. Drive to Mizak is approximately 4 hours with one toilet / refreshment break. Please purchase a beverage for the driver and escort (see next).

Suggested airport departure time of 1:00 p.m. or later.

Additional stops (ie: museum, orphanage, etc) may be requested and accommodated, if possible, for an additional fee of $50 – $100, depending on several factors of time, distance, road condition, etc.

IF YOU want a particular individual from the community to accompany the team in the van, please make that request to Paul Prevost. Do NOT feel pressured to accept an extra ‘rider.’

Team escort

$25 daily until 5pm; evening hours are $5 addl per hour. It is considered appropriate hospitality to share whatever the team is having for lunch with the escort.

Highly recommended. This person has fluent English and will accompany the team from the airport and be available ’24 / 7’ to the team.


$20 per full day / $10 for half. It is considered appropriate hospitality to share whatever the team is having for lunch with the escort.

These are bilingual persons from Mizak who can be hired for ½ or full day for translation services for specific activities. They do not board with the team.


$20 full day / $10 half day. It is considered appropriate hospitality to share whatever the team is having for lunch with the driver, if you are out for lunch. (Often, a snack such as cheese crackers and a soda at a local stand. .50 – $1 per person.)

The team will also need to pay for moto transport for the escort, translators, and / or health staff accompanying the team in the community. They are comfortable riding two passengers per bike.

Motorcycles are the primary mode of transportation in the Mizak vicinity. No helmets are provided. 2 passengers may ride behind the driver if of average height and weight. Large individuals should ride singly. Passengers do need to ride pressed closely to the driver to shift the weight to the front of the bike when climbing hills. Passengers may be asked to descend if the area is excessively rocky or steep and walk a short distance.

Day trip vans

$100 for day trip vans to the beach or other sight-seeing / visits for ½ day. May fit more than 10, as there is no luggage. It is considered appropriate hospitality to purchase lunch for the driver, escort or any translators, and HAPI host Paul Prevost. Expect that Paul Prevost and possibly his family will accompany the team. Paul will pay for his family, if they accompany.

IF YOU want a particular individual from the community to accompany the team in the van, please make that request to Paul Prevost. Do NOT feel pressured to accept an extra ‘rider.’

Beach or Basin Bleu

$10 for a full plate of food. Beverage and tip, extra. Lobster, fish and sometimes pork available. (Pork is $7.) The beach always has food; Basin Bleu often.

Basin Bleu often has a ‘guide’ at the falls who will collect something for parking and for employing him to guide the team. This varies. $10 for the guide is typical.


Teams often request to meet with community groups, artisans, expectant moms and others. We encourage this! People in the community often walk significant distances and / or give up precious income to hire a moto taxi. Therefore, it is expected to provide a snack or simple, hot meal such as pasta—and a beverage.

Rule of thumb is $1 per person for snack / beverage and $2 per person for pasta or a fried ‘pastie.’ If the gathering is greater than 2 hours, definitely plan for the hot plate!

Tips and fees – airport

$10 ‘tourist fee.’ Per person. Required.

$2 per luggage cart. Worth the investment! Need $1 bills to pay.

$2 per bag, average. The airport is not predictable. There are workers inside the airport who want to gather your luggage tickets and walk you through Customs’; a second set of ‘red caps’ will then want to walk with you to your waiting van. They will both expect tips. You can either firmly try to say “no” and hold onto your own bags, or, plan your budget accordingly. IF you tip, choose ONE person and keep pointing to him and repeating ‘BOSS.’ Only pay one person and allow them to distribute to anyone they recruited to assist them.

Customs may or may not inspect luggage and may or may not ask for payment. If asked, barter! Should not exceed $200. This is most common on medical items or electronics. Spread throughout your team’s luggage. The risk is slim. Since 2008, we have had 5 teams pay.

ALWAYS have $1 bills for tips and have them stashed away from your other cash and easy to access.

Do NOT pay tips when returning to the airport. The van to door is literally steps away. Just say “no.”

Tips – general

Tips are not an expectation. If you choose to tip, please do not exceed 15% of the total for that particular service. Escort, translators or drivers should be tipped directly. If giving a tip for Peace Inn staff, give to Paul Prevost and let him know your specific intent. (IE: If room / board is $1000, do not tip greater than $150)

Other expenditures

Team members are encouraged to shop at the artisan boutique. There may be other artisan shopping opportunities as our boutique are HAPI products only. Credit cards are not an option but we can extend ‘credit’ for HAPI boutique, if you did not carry enough cash. Payment can be mailed to the US office after your return.

The team may request ‘patis’ (deep fried pockets) or crackers / sodas, hot chocolate, etc to be purchased from the marketplace for lunch. Unlikely to be greater than $2 per person. Need to request EARLY in the day to Paul Prevost. Or, popcorn snack can be requested—again, plan AHEAD, be flexible and have a lot of your own snacks! Please do not ask the Peace Inn staff to prepare lunch. It is too challenging to prepare 3 meals per day with the current staffing because preparation and cleaning are time-consuming.