Sisal Angel

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Amazing in their simplicity and detail, these beautiful angels  (approximately 6″/15 cm tall) can adorn your Christmas tree or will liven up any display of flowers or in shelves!  Dainty and also peaceful.  A nice final touch to adorn any gift from the heart.

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An inexpensive, yet beautiful gift for that person who needs a constant reminder that you love them in any season. HAPI (Haitian Artisans for Peace International) began in 2007, with the desire to empower women and train them to support their families.  Women in Mizak, Haiti were encouraged and supported in developing creative solutions to gain financial stability. Since that time, many women have joined HAPI as artisans, contributing to the making of one or many of the products available on this website!  The Mizak community is rapidly developing as the artisans are able to support their families.  Through the continued efforts of HAPI, the developing community has trained health care workers and a clinic.  A clean water source is now available within the community! There is a new Peace Park, and an active Peace Pal Children’s program meeting weekly at the park.  Leadership, skill training and family development classes are offered. Your support through purchasing HAPI projects has helped a community work toward a more financially stable and self-sufficient community.  Thank you.


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