Children’s economic and social outcomes largely depend on the circumstances into which they are born and raised. In Haiti, 95% of the population lives in poverty and only 45% of children will grow up to be as productive as they could be if he / she had enjoyed full health and education (World Bank). This is the legacy children are born into. We are fighting to change that trajectory. Join us!

Coming 2021! ‘Pass-the-Gift’ goat-raising program for youth ages 15-18 years. At age 15, most Mizak youth are expected to ‘fend for themselves’ for tuition and other needs. This contributes to the school dropout rate during the high school years. This program will teach the youth practical skills in animal husbandry, discipline, responsibility and to prepare for their future. Proceeds of ‘kid’ sales will help them pay tuition and contribute to food security.

We offer children a safe space to play in our enclosed and monitored playground equipped with a basketball court. We also host a local Scout group.

We host an annual nutrition day for children. Their parents learn about a healthy diet based on locally available produce; the children receive a well-child check-up and a substantial food kit to take home. Children who are moderately or severely malnourished are offered a follow up malnutrition program.

We protect the health and well-being of pregnant adolescents, including providing education on pregnancy and infant care and contraception post-pregnancy.

HAPI - Haitian Assets for Peace International