At the heart of Hope and Dignity is the desire for health, healing and wholeness. HAPI has been blessed with wonderful partnerships, volunteers and Haitian workers who want to see that blossom in the Mizak mountain community.

Felisane Health Klinik‚ÄĒHAPI maternity clinic
Each day, women and children in rural Haiti die at an alarmingly high rate during birth due to a lack of sanitary conditions, clean water, access to health care and trained medical professionals.  Through building and developing the Felisane Klinik (HAPI Maternity Clinic), HAPI is seeking to transform the community of Mizak by reducing mortality rates, provide basic health services and empower individuals through education around personal health issues.

gabriel wbabyGabriel & her baby girl would have been mortality statistics if not for assistance from HAPI’s clinic to access an emergency c-section. The HAPI budget includes pay for a local nurse, a Program Director, and a benevolence fund for critical life saving needs. Pharmaceuticals are contributed by our visiting medical teams.Click to see¬†HAPI & Healthy Birthing Kits¬†list.Click to see¬†HAPI Klinik Medical Needs¬†list.

Ways to help with Health for the HAPI community are through Birthing Kits and Medical supplies for our teams to bring.  For more details read HAPI Health & Birthing Kits .


jeanitaImproving health through clean water –¬†Hollow-membrane filters are inexpensive and lifesaving. The filter uses medical technology developed from kidney dialysis. Water flows through the side walls of the Hollow Fiber tubes, where sediment, bacteria, protozoa, cysts, and other contaminants are filtered out exceeding the EPA recommendations.

Through your donations¬†your donations or mission teams,¬†filters and health education are distributed through our maternal care initiative, through partnership with RCD in serving those with disabilities, and to other families who are in need of safe drinking water–especially those with young children or elderly.