Rony Guerrier

My name is Rony Guerrier. I fix cars. I am a mechanic. I was born in Pernier, a rural area run by gangs. I grew up in Pernier and I am still living there because  I have no where else to go. Last week , gangs members came to my house and beat me. They were going to shoot me but I was fortunate enough to hear the boss say let   him go.

I am in charge of my mother and  father. I am also in charge of two children. Nothing works in Pernier. I know that gangs member can kill anyone at anytime. I am praying days and night and hope that our Lord will say a word for me. I would be glad to find a sponsor because that will open the door  for a better future for me and also for the people I will be able to support as soon as I have the chance to have a job in the United States.


Thank you for sponsoring me!

HAPI - Haitian Assets for Peace International