My name is Stanley Triffon. I am 21 years old. I’m a student at Canado University, studying the electro-mechanical technique. I have a huge passion for education, in class as outside of class I always help others to better understand the courses, I had a small group of children under my responsibility, and it has always built my joy. I’m a Musician, I Play Trumpet. I Appreciate Sports and I often practice Soccer and Basketball. Apart from My Life, I worked as farmer with my father in the fields, I have always enjoyed these moments. Thanks to HHAPITech, the biggest professional schools in my area, I learned English.

¬†After my classic studies, I have developed a passion for the technique, more precisely the mechanic and the electricity systems. For that, I went at the University of Canado, and I start studying in this area, every day I make huge sacrifices because all I want it is to reach my goal. However, given the situation in the Country, we all are in the dark, things change and become worse day by day. Insecurity is everywhere. Facing these obstacles isn’t easy, especially for someone like me who grew up in the Countryside which is peaceful place. Based on my experience, I am positive that I can adapt to various situations. Being sponsored by this program will help me open a new page in my life by making my dreams come a pure reality. And so, one day I will be an important pawn in the community and even in the world. Your help will be very useful, thanks for your support.

HAPI - Haitian Assets for Peace International