Maximum Indirect Cost Rates

Indirect Cost rates for grants are subject to the following limitations

0% Rate

Government Agencies
Private foundations


Up to 10%

U.S. Universities, Community Colleges
Non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
Multilateral organizations
Non- U.S. Universities
For profit organizations

The rates provided above are the maximum rates allowed under the HAPI’s policy. A grantee or contractor with an actual indirect cost rate lower than the maximum rate provided above should not increase the funding request to the maximum allowed. The intent is to sufficiently fund actual costs, not to generate financial surpluses for grantees.
• The indirect cost rate awarded in a grant budget may vary up to the maximum percentages depending on factors including, but not limited to, the type of project, level of administrative effort required, cost structure of the grantee, overall grant size, and extent of sub-awards or commodity purchases.
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