“The first wealth is health.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Felisane Health Center

Felisane Health Center opened in 2015. The clinic is 2,000 sq ft with exam rooms, pharmacy, birthing room and 2-bed maternity ward.

The health center is named ‘Felisane’ in honor of co-founder Paul Prevost’s mother, who died of stroke complications. Her dying words to 15 year-old Paul were to ‘take care of Eve’ – meaning all women were his ‘sisters’ through Christ.  She is one of HAPI’s ‘birth mothers.’

Professional Care

HAPI’s health care professionals are the backbone of HAPIHealth. In Haiti there are is on average 1 physician and 2.1 nurses per 10,000 people. This is one-fourth of the world’s average nurse-to-population ratio. HAPI employs 1 physician, 2 OB nurses, 1 head nurse, 1 community health nurse, and 2 aides.


Felisane Health Center maintains a well-stocked and self-sustaining pharmacy at locally affordable rates. 

Urgent Care

Medically necessary intervention for illness or injury. Common issues range from hypertension or diabetes to scabies to machete, burn, or motorcycle accidents. 


HAPI offers part-time dental services for cleaning, filling, and extractions. Haiti has about 300 dentists for 100 million people!

Maternal, newborn and child health (MNCH)

Maternal health is our flagship health initiative called ‘Start Right.’ Women follow a schedule of classes, pre- and postnatal health exams, lab tests, vaccinations, and receive free medication during pregnancy for underlying conditions for at-risk pregnancy, such as pre-eclampsia.  See START RIGHT web page for complete detail.

Home visits to disabled persons

HAPI makes house calls! Once per week  for health exam or personal care.

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