Helping Haitians live healthier, longer, more properous lives

 Delivering health care led by Haitians, for Haitians, and training young people in computer technology and English for tomorrow’s jobs.

Yolande and Riouse Zephir

Mother-daughter team, Yolande Gabriel Zehpir, Director of Community Health, and Dr. Riouse Zephir, assist newborns and their mommas to ‘Start Right!’

What We Do

HAPI empowers people, promotes health and wellness, delivers skilled training, brings technology and creates economic opportunities to GROW personal and community ASSETS for families to THRIVE not only survive.

Our integrated approach harnesses the natural synergy between health, education and economic development to create momentum for change.

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Our Mission

Helping Haitians live healthier, longer, more prosperous lives through innovation, collaboration, learning, and leadership in healthcare and education. 

Be the CHANGE.

Our donors keep the doors open and lights on to health care, education and economic opportunity. Sponsor our staff, students, supplies, programs and facilities. At HAPI, every dollar makes a difference. Be the CHANGE and give TODAY–or form a ‘team’ to raise funds through fun events.  Be HAPI!


2023 Impact Report

Patient consultations

Lab tests

Dental visits

Moms enrolled in prenatal care

Operational cost per day (programs, staff, supplies)

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HAPI - Haitian Assets for Peace International