End poverty. Save lives. Educate.

Choose TODAY to ‘be the change’ in the lives of women and girls in Haiti. 

Women and girls in Haiti suffer the threat of violence, endure grinding poverty, die from inadequate healthcare, and face overwhelming odds to achieve higher education and earn a living wage. 

At HAPI, women and girls have access to health services, vocational training, and programs to empower them to build a solid foundation from which they can lift themselves and their families out of poverty. Be the change!


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HAPI ... support opportunity not charity


Romicile Jean Luis shows corn she has harvested in Mizak, a small village in the southern mountains of Haiti.

We ENVISION a prosperous and independent Haiti.

We EMPOWER women because women invest in their children and that changes trajectory of future generations.

We EQUIP local leaders because without capable, ethical local leaders, Haiti will remain a ‘graveyard of good intentions’. 

We EXPECT that everyone contribute because we share a vision for Mizak Haiti as a beloved community with opportunity for health, education and prosperity for ALL! 

Experience the HAPI difference. Change you can see. 

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What We Do

HAPI empowers people, promotes health and wellness, delivers skilled training, brings technology and creates economic opportunities to GROW personal and community ASSETS for families to THRIVE not only survive.

Our integrated approach harnesses the natural synergy between health, education and economic development to create momentum for change.

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Our Mission

HAPI…empowering women and equipping local leadership to ERADICATE POVERTY and SAVE LIVES in Mizak, Haiti (Musac de LaVallee, Jacmel, Haiti).

Become a Sponsor. Be the CHANGE.

Our donors keep the doors open and lights on to health care, education and economic opportunity. Sponsor our staff, students, supplies, programs and facilities. At HAPI, every dollar makes a difference. Be the CHANGE and give TODAY–or form a ‘team’ to raise funds through fun virtual events.  Be HAPI!


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HAPI - Haitian Assets for Peace International