#GivingTuesday 2023

Keep hearts beating!

Eradicate extreme poverty and save lives with jobs, health and education. Give OPPORTUNITY not charity.

Giving Options

Give monthly

BE THERE with HAPI all year long!

Monthly giving is the most effective way to combat poverty and save lives. Examples:

$25 / month sponsors one HAPITech student
$20 / month sponsors one mom to receive maternal care
$10 sponsors one doctor visit.

Select ‘monthly donation’ on the ‘Give now’ link to set up your recurring donation.

Give a One-Time Gift

With HAPI, EVERY dollar makes a difference! Give anytime through our website or FB ‘Donate / Give now’ buttons. Or, mail a check payable to HAPI to:

P.O. Box 68227
Grand Rapids, MI  49516

Watch our FB page for updates and special appeals!

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P.O. Box 68227 Grand Rapids, MI 49516

HAPI - Haitian Assets for Peace International