Hello everyone! My name is Kethia Voltaire, I am 21 years old; I am going to graduate in high school this Summer. I am an activist advocating against violence in Women and girls. our goal is also to reduce the number of premature pregnancies in school. I enjoy working in craft activities, I am also teaching a group of children and young people how to do crafts. I really like business and even started my small business while in in School. I am passionate about learning new things and that is the reason why I have decided to lean English while I was in high school. My dreams are huge, unfortunately, the current situation of Haiti is a big obstacle for me. Leaving the Countryside to go to the city is very dangerous, especially for young woman like me. Being sponsored by someone, to be in a place which offers more opportunities will be a life changing opportunity for me. I will be able to write the next chapter in my life which will be beneficial for me, my family and for my community. Thanks in advance for your consideration.
HAPI - Haitian Assets for Peace International